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Plan for the unexpected, let your family know your medical expectations.  Things change when we meet with an unfortunate accident  that will make it difficult to make health care decisions on our own.  Have you ever wondered who will be in charge of your health in such cases, who will make the medical treatment decisions on your behalf? Like many others, these things may have not crossed your mind. It’s never too late to take the first few steps.

What are advanced directives?

Advanced directives are created to help people, so that they can have their healthcare wishes administered.  In simplest terms, Advanced directives are documents that dictate the wishes of a person’s health care in case of an emergency. If you are in California, you can choose to make a living will or the “California Department of Public Health (IDPH) Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Advance Directive.” These directives dictate your wish to get health care treatment when you cannot do it on your own.

The Power of Attorney for Health Care, allows you to specify in advance, who you want to be responsible for treatment decisions and health care, when you are  incapable of the same. The “Uniform Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Advance Directive” is designed to notify doctors of the your decision for health care. Unless guided, medical professionals will offer CPR for any patient who has stopped breathing or has a heart attack.

The expertise of Daniel Tripathi

Daniel Tripathi and his team have been working for years and help their clientele in the preparation of power of attorney. Mr. Tripathi is a  professional attorney, who protects the interests of his clients at all times.  His advice is always direct and legal. Contact the team now to help you choose and document your health care wishes.


Years of hard work and passion for accumulating wealth goes into the making of the huge assets, and it is never easy for anyone, which calls for great planning for asset protection. The California State Bar Association defines asset protection planning as one of the processes where ownership forms, financial instruments, trusts and other tools are used for protecting and shielding assets from claimants and creditors. If you haven’t given that a thought yet, there is no better time than now!

Expert advice with Daniel J Tripathi

Daniel J. Tripathi has been working and helping his clientele with asset protection planning, mainly working with professionals who have accumulated wealth and are more targeted in claims. He has worked with professionals and clients from the healthcare industry, legal industry, accounting firms and beyond, assisting and obtaining the right advice in time and protecting their hard earned assets from unwanted claimants. With his experienced and unmatched expertise in such cases, Mr. Tripathi is among the most trusted attorneys for asset protection planning.

Unlike many others, Tripathi and his team offer a number of different tools and choices to each client ensuring the best benefits in the long run. Some of the common tools used include professional liability insurance, insurance contracts, retirement accounts, annuities and corporations. Other advice also includes corporations, domestic asset protection trusts and family limited partnership, depending on the needs of the client concerned.

Asset protection planning doesn’t mean concealing and keeping assets under cover. It is all about using the state laws for ensuring the best protection for assets, which ensures that claimants and third parties cannot easily penetrate for claims. This also aims to offer protection to developers and builders along with other professionals with have varied and extensive professional liability concerns.
Contact Daniel J. Tripathi and his team today to get the advice from an expert. The business for your asset protection needs. Contact the team at (951) 880-7946 to find the right strategies and obtain professional help and assistance on maximizing the protecting for your assets.


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Choosing a lawyer is sometimes a difficult process. Especially when we are facing unfamiliar or distressing situations knowing that you need to work with an attorney. Maybe you have never needed to work with an attorney before. How do you know whom to choose?

Reputation and experience are two dependable factors to look at when you are choosing an attorney. Reputations are built by satisfying one client at a time. There are no shortcuts to building a sterling reputation. Experience teaches attorneys how their academic training works in the real world. Nothing replaces the valuable insights experience provides.

Our firm was founded in 2006. Our attorneys have more than 10 years experience in dealing with complex estate, trusts, wills, and probate issues. Since 2006, we have built a solid reputation for truly being able to help our clients no matter how difficult the situation they were facing. Most of our clients are referred to us by past and present clients.

We are exceptionally proud of our reputation and work to continue to build on it with every new client we represent.


Estate Planning is never easy, because there are many aspects that need to be checked and managed, to ensure that your properties and assets are disposed of properly after your death. The will is easily the most important aspect of distributing assets, but there are many other documents that need attention, including “powers of attorney for health care”, trust agreements, selling and buying agreements. No wonder, estate planning isn’t easy and you will need to understand the best ways to ensure that the objectives are met both in your lifetime and after death.

How to deal with Distributing Assets?

The first thing is to decide the will, and in California, you need to be over 18 to make your will. Once done, it should be signed by the Testors, witness by two people who don not benefit from the will.  In absence of a will, the administrator appointed by the court will settle the estate after ensuring that the taxes, expenses and debts of the deceased person have been addressed. There is also the option where you can have a trust prepared and benefits passed on to the beneficiary by appointing a trustee. Either of the choices or even both are used by people to ensure distribution of their assets.

Daniel Tripathi and his team can help
Whether you are creating a will or in deciding on a Trust, Daniel Tripathi and his team can provide professional legal assistance.  Daniel Tripathi is among the finest reliable and trusted attorneys in Riverside, Daniel’s advice has been effective and affordable for his clients in clearing issues of their wills and Trusts and his team works with equal dedication. To discuss  your estate planning process, you can consult the team for an appointment. Daniel  takes pride in his work, which is why his clients are always provided with utmost attention. Call the team now for an appointment!