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We have extensive experience with probate administration, estate law, and ameliorating the stress of grieving families. Our services streamline the often convoluted workings of probate law.
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The administration of an estate is a highly personal and often emotional procedure. 
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If you recently lost a loved one and you have been named as an executor or appointed as an administrator of his or her estate, you want an experienced and qualified attorney representing you and guiding you through the probate process.

Hiring a Probate Attorney in Southern California

A probate lawyer, also known as an estate attorney, is responsible for assisting a personal representative of an estate through the process of probate. Every step involved in probating an estate is dependent upon the local laws of where the descendent resided upon their death. Your probate lawyer may develop a workable plan, which assists in the distribution of assets and property.



“The primary reason for the explosive growth, during this past year, is our laser-like focus to our clients’ concerns and an exacting attention to details. By getting to know our clients and being fully immersed with their cases, we can better understand the issues. Presenting facts-that may not have been raised without painstaking preparation-is what I enjoy the most”
-Daniel J. Tripathi Esq.
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Entrusting a probate lawyer to assist in the precarious nature of estate affairs may be very beneficial.

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