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If you recently lost a loved one and you have been named as an executor or appointed as an administrator of his or her estate, you want an experienced and qualified attorney representing you and guiding you through the probate process.

Hiring a Probate Attorney in Southern California

A probate lawyer, also known as an estate attorney, is responsible for assisting a personal representative of an estate through the process of probate. Every step involved in probating an estate is dependent upon the local laws of where the descendent resided upon their death. Your probate lawyer may develop a workable plan, which assists in the distribution of assets and property.



“The primary reason for the explosive growth, during this past year, is our laser-like focus to our clients’ concerns and an exacting attention to details. By getting to know our clients and being fully immersed with their cases, we can better understand the issues. Presenting facts-that may not have been raised without painstaking preparation-is what I enjoy the most”
-Daniel J. Tripathi Esq.
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The term “probate” refers to the process in which a deceased person’s (otherwise known as the “decedent”) debts are paid and/or settled and appropriate property titles are transferred to the designated heirs. The probate process is often confusing, full of paperwork, information and court proceedings. Therefore, you should consider retaining a professional probate attorney to help and protect you along the way.

Daniel Tripathi, local California probate attorney and founder of Cal-Probate, has years of experience in complex probate matters. He has been representing fellow southern Californians for more than a decade and can assist you with complicated matters related to wills and trusts. In addition to his probate practice, he also offers estate planning services. Having a solid estate plan helps ensure that your beneficiaries and loved ones are protected in the probate process.

In the state of California, you are not required to have legal representation for probate. However, it is still highly recommended that you retain a competent probate lawyer if you are involved in this process — especially if you find yourself in a scenario where tensions are high and/or the estate is rather large, as this can exponentially complicate probate proceedings.

Probating an estate requires at least seven or eight months in California, and if you represent yourself, a significant time commitment is necessary. For this reason alone, it will benefit you immensely to have an experienced probate attorney by your side.

The probate process is a long, tedious process. Consider speaking with our accomplished local California probate attorney, who is able to represent you in a court of law. Since 2006, Daniel Tripathi has been dedicated to providing seasoned professionalism and vast experience in the field of probate law to his clients, protecting them and their interests every step of the way in the probate process.

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